Testicular cancer questionnaire

testicular cancer questionnaire


Little pigs says: — I do not want to die, Lord, I want to stay near my parents. There was a road and the road brought up to his parents and God testicular cancer questionnaire — I come to keep you not geting hurt. And there was a way that bought him to his brothers and the brothers were very happy.

What You Need to Know About Testicular Cancer

The parents came: — Hey, son, where were you? On this way were taken testicular cancer questionnaire brothers with the car and he goes testicular cancer questionnaire rescue them. Self considered an essential court of adaptation for the subject and emphasized in every situation story of how a solution was found through a compromise acceptable of trend and testicular cancer questionnaire. Thematic analysis revealed that children suffering from cancer have indicators in graphic demonstrates the existence of a weak Self wich hardly stand or do not bear frustration, while the group of healthy testicular cancer questionnaire obtained evidence regarding the situation of an flexibel self, namely a good adaptation to life situations and appears also indicators concerning an rigid self of subjects which involves testicular cancer questionnaire life situations in a manner that involvement remains low.

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The chart regardin regression shows results testicular cancer questionnaire the group of children testicular cancer questionnaire from cancer presenting difficulties of adaptation to higher stages according to chronological age in personality remaining fixed points on the lower stages like: oral, often expressing regression in child in a moment of immaturety of its existence since that this testicular cancer questionnaire is expressed as oral confusement of affection and food in the maternal protection, protection without which the baby is doomed to be lost, only that this fixation can have a negative influence on subsequent mental development.

From this test we learned that subjects who have hemes wich emphasizes regression to pregenitale stages give to the characters in the ages wich check with chronological age years.

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Stigmatized aspect of the spot, seen symbolically as a mark of impurity. And in the valences of the test and that in the present study it was possible to be shown a psychological echo of serious disturbances in the organic sphere. The studied testicular cancer questionnaire, meaning the group of children suffering from cancer could ighlight two important aspects of psychological difficulties: regressive stages, with sn impact such as cessation or slowing of the psychological development of the subject with to possible effects in cognitive, emotional and behavioral field depression, expressed by the lack of dynamism, sense of inferiority, failure which can lead to failures in real life.

They do not cross the traumatic testicular cancer questionnaire of the disease and live a normal life. In children with cancer and chronic diseases occur gaps between healthy children as they cross a very traumatic just when their psychological development testicular cancer questionnaire their maturity is in progress.


Oncological disease has a great impact on their psyche and their families and jams all psychological instances. They have a very faint self, dominated by Superego, they censor thier manifestations of frustration.

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Self is more powerful, these children are very egocentric, sometimes selfish, testicular cancer questionnaire, children eager to testicular cancer questionnaire unique. Between Ego-ID-Superego there is a gap, paraziti de piele simptome the 3 courts are not in balance, but in conflict. Events that occur: behavioral disorders and personality changes; conflicts with others, outbursts, bouts of emotion in children over 8 years ; separation anxiety in children of years; conflicts with mother, which increase in intensity, wanting her mother to be replaced testicular cancer questionnaire an ideal mother Oedipus complex is unsolved or greatly slowed.

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Oral, anal and genital stages sometimes remain unsolved or in pending. They grow mature quickly, as evidenced by the high degree of independence that they assume sometimes at an early age.

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Some feel guilty for their disease and manifests a punitive behavior. This jealousy was testicular cancer questionnaire found testicular cancer questionnaire children of years whose mother was taking care of children aged who were alone in the hospital. In general, all the group of children show declining trends at all levels of their development: affection, behavior, memory, communication. Fairy wishes reflect the wishes of children.

In conclusion, sick children are more sensitive than healthy ones and need attention, guidance, emotional support and early establishment of psychotherapy. Neuropsychiatrie Enfance, Adolescence, 44

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