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Adauga in cos With touch and feel patches and sparkly areas to explore, this baby dinosaur board book encourages early learning, and is just right for sharing with your little one.

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Inside, on 12 sturdy pages, you meet engaging baby dinosaurs hatching, hiding, playing, papilloma excision eyelid sleeping, from long-necked Diplodocus with leathery skin, to baby Papilloma excision eyelid.

The delightful papilloma excision eyelid dinosaurs are unique, full of character, entertaining, and immediately appealing, and every page of Baby Touch and Feel Baby Dinosaur has tantalizing texture or an eye-catching shiny area to expand a baby's senses.

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Easy for very young children to follow, there's one main picture per page to focus on that's clear and life-like, which help a young child's identification skills. The short, fun text is great for reading aloud and building language.

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All the dinosaurs are also labelled, with helpful pronunciation guides for their names. This small padded book is perfect for little hands papilloma excision eyelid hold. Babies and toddlers will love turning the tough board pages themselves, which develops their fine motor skills.

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Part of DK's popular Baby Touch and Feel series, this exciting preschool dinosaur book with its super sparkly jacket makes an ideal baby gift. Age Range- years.

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