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A theoretical framework serves as a guide to build and support one research from the structure through to the vision of the study. It defines how one would methodologically and analytically approach their project as a whole.

nhs hpv consent form

The attached research project is however based on a conceptual framework of best practises that offers nhs hpv consent form logical structure connecting the three aims and objectives by specifically laying out key factors and variables that relate to nhs hpv consent form aims and objectives.

This is done to best explain the natural progression of the impact that Nurse Practitioners have on Primary care through their perception and data collected throughout the study.

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The conceptual framework could have some qualitative research methods that have theoretical reinforcements that could have guided the study. Theories that could have contributed to a theoretical framework could include the systems theory, and organisational theory yet both theories mentioned respectively relating nhs hpv consent form the shape of the findings in relation to the aims.

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Nhs hpv consent form systems theory relating to the place of work hospital, practice, community within the NHS being interrelated throughout the organisation and how when changes take place, it impacts many others. Where shortage of nurses increased targets set by management, overextending NP in their practises.

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As the classic organisational theory represents the unification of scientific management, bureaucratic theory and administrative theory it could have served as a guide in question three where the study nhs hpv consent form the challenges faced by Nurse Practitioners.