Endometrial cancer nice cks

endometrial cancer nice cks

Endometrial Cancer - Did You Know?

Autoimmune means that the immune system attacks the tissues of the body. In SLE, the immune system primarily attacks parts of the cell nucleus.

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SLE affects tissues throughout the body. Five times as many women endometrial cancer nice cks men get SLE.

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Most people develop the disease between the ages of 15 and 40, although it can show up at any age. The inflammation of SLE can be seen in the lining, covering, and muscles of the heart. The heart can endometrial cancer nice cks affected even if you are not feeling any heart symptoms.

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The most common problem is bumps and swelling of the endocardium, which is the lining membrane of the heart chambers and valves.

SLE also causes inflammation and breakdown in the skin.

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Rashes can appear anywhere, but the most common spot is across the cheeks and nose. People with SLE are very sensitive to sunlight. Being in the sun for even a short time can cause a painful rash.

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Some people with SLE can even get a rash from fluorescent lights. Rashes caused by SLE are red, itchy, and painful.

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The most typical SLE rash is called the butterfly rash, which appears on the face particularly the cheeks and across the nose. SLE can also causes hair loss. The hair usually grows back once the disease is under control.

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