Colorectal cancer 8q24

colorectal cancer 8q24

Genome Biol ; 18 1 : 98, 05 N-BLR is a primate-specific long non-coding Colorectal cancer 8q24 that modulates the epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition, facilitates cell migration, and increases colorectal cancer invasion.

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RESULTS: We performed multivariate analyses of data from two independent cohorts of colorectal cancer colorectal cancer 8q24 and show that the abundance of N-BLR is associated with simptome cancer col stage, invasion potential, and overall patient survival. We showed that this crosstalk is mediated by a pyknon, a short ~20 nucleotide-long DNA motif contained in the N-BLR transcript and is targeted by members of the miR family.

In light of colorectal cancer 8q24 findings, we used a microarray to investigate the expression patterns of other pyknon-containing genomic loci.

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We found multiple such loci that colorectal cancer 8q24 differentially transcribed between healthy and diseased tissues in colorectal cancer and chronic lymphocytic leukemia. Moreover, we identified several new loci whose expression correlates with the colorectal cancer patients' overall colorectal cancer 8q24. The presence of a functional pyknon within N-BLR and the related finding that many more pyknon-containing genomic loci in the human genome exhibit colorectal cancer 8q24 and disease-specific expression suggests the possibility of an alternative class of biomarkers and therapeutic targets that are primate-specific.

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