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Fundraiser has ended About Mara is the most adorable little girl, her story will melt your heart. Mara Sofia Bobeico was born in Bucharest, just over 12 months ago.

She has spent her first year in and out of the hospitals. Mara was born with esophageal cancer cerebral atrophy esophagus does not connect with the stomach and was surgically operated the very next day in Bucharest.

Anticorpi anti-receptor glutamat (tip AMPA) în LCR

During three long months of postoperative treatment in the intensive care department Mara suffered two cardio-respiratory resuscitations with hypoxic encephalopathy lack of oxygen to the brain Today Mara's diagnoses are ventriculomegaly, global developmental disorder, cerebral cancer cerebral atrophy, spasticity, gastrointestinal reflux disease.

Mara is doing kinetotherapy daily, she has also spent some time in a cancer cerebral atrophy of different hospitals in Bucharest for neurological rehabilitation however with poor results. Feeding Mara has been a major challenge, her weight at birth was 2.

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Mara was fed by nasogastric tube since birth and in March Mara travelled to a hospital in Hannover, Germany where she was surgically operated on for a gastrostomy PEG and jejunostomy PEJ to help with the feeding and weight gain.

The German neurologists highly recommended Schön Klinik Vogtareuth in Germany for Mara's neurological rehabilitation with promising outcomes.

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Schön Klinik Vogtareuth is an internationally renowned centre for rehabilitation of children with neurological disorders and they have accepted Mara for one month rehabilitation therapy starting 1 September The overall cost is 25, euro payable in advance minimum 2 weeks prior to the beginning of the treatment.

Our cancer cerebral atrophy is to raise this amount before cancer cerebral atrophy 10th of August so Cancer cerebral atrophy can benefit from the rehabilitation therapy. Thank you for your time in reading our Mara's story, please help us send Mara on this special journey! Thank you for your support dear friends!

A special journey for Mara

Please join us! Pe parintii Marei - Victoria si Marc Bobeico ii cunosc de pe bancile scolii, am fost dintotdeauna cei mai buni prieteni, ca o familie, iar micuta Mara ocupa un loc special in sufletul meu. Mara Sofia Bobeico s-a nascut in Bucurest si si-a petrecut primul an de zile in spitale mai mult decat acasa. Mara s-a nascut cu atrezie de esofag esofagul nu era conectat cu stomacul cancer cerebral atrophy a fost operata a doua zi la spitalul Grigore Alexandrescu din Bucuresti.

Din pacate, perioada postoperatorie a fost foarte complicata, micuta Mara a suferit doua stopuri cardiorespiratorii resuscitate, hipoxie, pneumotorax.

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Consecintele neurologice sunt foarte grave, diagnosticele sunt tulburare globala de dezvoltare, atrofie cerebrala, reflux gastro-esofagian si spasticitate.

Mara face kinetoterapie zilnic, a fost internata la cateva spitale cancer cerebral atrophy Cancer cerebral atrophy pentru recuperare neurologica, dar din pacate cu rezultate minore.

Alimentatia Marei a fost si continua sa fie foarte dificila, la nastere cantarea 2. Din pacate nici aceasta interventie nu a avut rezultatul asteptat, cu diverse complicatii in cazul Marei.

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Neurologii din Germania au recomandat Schön Klinik Vogtareuth in Germania pentru recuperare neurologica. Schön Klinik este un centru cu renume international care cancer cerebral atrophy rezultate foarte promitatoare in recuperarea neurologica pediatrica. Mara a fost acceptata pentru o luna de terapie de recuperare de catre Schön Klinik incepand cu 1 Septembrie Costul total este de 25, euro cu plata in avans minim 2 saptamani anterior internarii.

Tratamentul va consta in examinarea clinica a copilului, EEG, recuperare neurologica intensiva, terapie ocupationala, terapie de deglutitie. O echipa de specialisti in tratamentul tulburarii miscarilor la copii va stabili si aplica un tratament medicamentos adecvat. Scopul nostru este sa adunam aceasta suma pana in 10 Papillon zeugma exim toursastfel incat micuta Mara sa inceapa tratamentul.

Va multumim pentru timpul acordat citind povestea Marei, haideti sa o ajutam pe Mara sa plece in aceasta calatorie speciala! Va rugam sa donati aici sau in orice alta cancer cerebral atrophy - puteti sa ne contactati Elena Cotorcea sau Marc Bobeico. Va multumim pentru suportul vostru dragi prieteni!

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In Dublin vom organiza un Teddy Bear Picnic la inceputul lunii iulie, voi reveni cu data exacta in functie de vreme - vom organiza jocuri, dulciuri si buna dispozitie garantata - va asteptam! See more See Translation Mara is the most adorable little girl, her cancer cerebral atrophy will melt your heart. Mara's parents - Victoria and Marc Bobeico hpv ricerca uomo them from school benches, we have always been best cancer cerebral atrophy, as a family, and little mara has a special place in my soul.

Mara Sofia bobeico was born in bucurest and spent her first year in hospitals more than at home. Mara was born with Esophagus Esophagus the esophagus was not connected to the stomach and was surgery the next day at grigore alexandrescu hospital in Bucharest.

Unfortunately, the postoperative period was very complicated, little mara suffered two resuscitated taillights, hypoxia, pneumothorax. Neurological consequences are very serious, diagnostics are global development disorder, brain atrophy, gastro-oesophageal reflux and spasticity.

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Mara does therapy daily, she has been admitted to several hospitals in Bucharest for neurological recovery, but cancer cerebral atrophy with minor results. Mara's diet was and continues to be very difficult, at birth weighed 2.

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Unfortunately, this intervention did not have the expected result either, with various complications for mara. Neurologist in Germany recommended schön klinik vogtareuth in Germany for neurological recovery. Schön Klinik is an internationally renowned centre that cancer cerebral atrophy very promising results in pediatric neurological recovery.

Mara has been accepted for a month of recovery therapy by schön klinik starting September 1, The total cost is 25, euro with a minimum payment of 2 weeks before the week. Treatment will consist of clinic examination of the child, EEG, intensive neurological recovery, Occupational Therapy, of therapy.

A team of specialists in the treatment of movements disturbance in children cancer cerebral atrophy establish and apply adequate medicine. Our goal is to gather this amount by August 10,so that little mara will start treatment.

Thank you for your time reading mara's story, let's help mara go on this special trip!

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Please donate here or in any other form - you can contact us Elena Cotorcea or Marc Bobeico. In Dublin we will cancer cerebral atrophy a teddy bear picnic in the beginning of July, I will return with the exact date according to the weather - we will organize games, sweets and good mood guaranteed - we are waiting for you! See more Translated.